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pipes 11-03-2010 03:25 AM

Dems vs GOP
It's like spy vs spy. Same shit, different color.
News makes it like it's the drama of the decade.
I can't.
So I boycotted the elections this year.
What is the use when no one represents me, and they are going to do shit if I like it or not.
Yeah that's going to get you to read bills and do real fucking work with research and shit.

InVerse 11-03-2010 04:37 AM

So fix it.

pipes 11-03-2010 02:16 PM

it's not that I haven't thought of it.
Back in the day of the presidential elections, I thought about what would happen if I went door to door talking about what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, and get people to sign a ballot to get me into the elections. What would happen?
The sad thing is I don't have the time, and nor am I a politician. I can't be every profession, but GOD how do I want to be. There is like so much I want to do. I wish I could live longer and somehow multiply myself, because I always see something and I think to myself, "I could do better."

InVerse 11-03-2010 08:53 PM

Everybody thinks they can do better. 99.9% of people never try because they're afraid of being proven wrong.

schmocke 11-10-2010 09:58 AM

And those who´ve tried were proven wrong. History repeats.

InVerse 11-10-2010 01:42 PM

You're right. Nobody in history has ever succeeded at anything.

Shadow 11-14-2010 10:32 PM

I think Ghandi succeeded...

Well I for myself have found my own way of "change". I founded my own company. It was a difficult decision. You know it took me very long to find out, that this is the best way for me to help. As a single person it's too hard to stay tough and climb the ladder in politics without getting corrupted sooner or later. There are too many lobbies which tend to push you out of their way. So.. in my company I can do as I like. There are laws and rules of course, but I can say that I really create new jobs. It's better than complaining all day and better than doing nothing. Of course it's not the perfect solution for everything but it's a start.

Regarding Dems vs GOP... it's really hard to vote if no party represents your interests. That's why I don't vote in Germany as well. I don't find the perfect party not even in parts. In the end it's our choice what to do, even if it means no voting at all.

schmocke 11-15-2010 01:06 PM

Yes, there are people who succeeded. In specific, individual ways. Agreed.
I´m from Germany too and I gave my vote. Of course there is no party who says only the perfect and right things. Since voting is one of the last things we can do to state a position, I do vote.
Kurt Tucholsky, a german writer once claimed: Wenn Wahlen etwas ändern würden, dann wären sie verboten. - in English, it could sound like: If elections would change something, they´d be banned. That in mind, you have two choices: Don´t care and letting the things go on as usual or make your vote, perhaps something changes.

D-- 11-16-2010 06:26 AM

InVerse: Fixing America would be like trying to glue together shattered Egyptian pottery where half the missing pieces have turned into dust.

Sometimes it pays to admit something is fucked beyond repair and move on, or in the case, move out.

I believe that if all the sane people leave America and go make the rest of the world better, the shitwits left behind will decide to nuke themselves into an early Rapture so they can go to Happy Land with their sky king.

Reaper man 11-16-2010 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by D-- (Post 101843)
Sometimes it pays to admit something is fucked beyond repair and move on, or in the case, move out.

A lot of us people here have no such luxury...

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