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martini 05-12-2018 09:22 PM

VGBA and MasterGear Emulators Updated

Hello, All!

This week, I updated my VGBA and MasterGear emulators for Windows and
Linux. Free binaries are available from their respective homepages. Both emulators were rebuilt with -Wall compiler option and all new warnings fixed. I have also fixed several emulation bugs in VGBA and made MasterGear save states compatible between 32bit and 64bit builds.
See below for all the changes.

VGBA 5.9 -- Nintendo GameBoy Advance Emulator
* Fixed bug when writing bytes to palette RAM.
* Fixed bug when reading words from BIOS.
* Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
* Deprecated -DNEW_STATES and -DSOUND options.

MasterGear 4.3 -- Sega MasterSystem, GameGear, and SG-1000 Emulator
* Fixed saved state compatibility between 32bit and 64bit systems.
* Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
* Deprecated -DNO_WAVE_INTERPOLATION compilation option.
* Deprecated -DNEW_STATES compilation option.

Also, Speccy Deluxe for Android is currently on $1.99 sale at Google Play:

Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

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