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Kitsune Sniper 10-04-2006 05:40 AM

DVD burners - what brand should I buy?
My current DVD burner is dying on me (it can't even burn CDRs properly) so I'm looking for a replacement. My current drive is a Pioneer DVR-109 and I think it only lasted me like a year or two... and I don't really give it much use. Anyway. I've heard good things about Lite-On, but I've also heard bad things. So could people here please recommend any good burners? Preferably cheap, under $35 if possible.

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MegaManJuno 10-04-2006 05:53 AM

Re: DVD burners - what brand should I buy?
I've currently got a Sony dual-layer compatible one in my PC that's had no issues (about a year old), and an older Lite-On single-layer one in my wife's PC (used to be in mine - no problems so far - about 2 years old) that I got from these guys: http://3btech.net/dvdredr.htmlhttp://3btech.net/dvdredr.html</a>

I've heard decent things about LG, and in the past have had no issues with Plextor drives to date (currently an old CDRW drive in my PC that still works after at least 5 years).
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SamIAm 10-04-2006 07:06 AM

Re: DVD burners - what brand should I buy?
> Lite-On

I've only owned a CD burner from these guys, and have had for about 3 years now...no DVD experience with them...and my experience goes like this: on one hand, the drive tray won't automatically go all the way in unless I nudge it, and the gears that move the tray grind when I don't - probably cutting back on its lifespan. On the other, it is the only burner I have used that consistently makes accurate burns of game images I've downloaded.

Overall I'm glad I went with it, because it was really cheap.
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Kitsune Sniper 10-25-2006 01:31 AM

And now I need to find cheap stores. ;)
So I just got paid $170 for a job I did... so now I need to get info on where to find cheap items. :)

I'm looking to buy a 512MB PC2100 RAM stick, and a DVD burner. My burner's finally on its last legs, and can only read CDs now! So yeah, any help is appreciated. ;)

(Still looking for info on good DVD burners, by the way!)
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