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type_x 11-05-2004 06:42 PM

Poetry, prose, pencilpackin'
"Disco Pants & Haircuts" a song

Disco pants & haircuts
Hot beef injected
Balls to the walls
Wake me up before you go go
Weapon Selected
Robot lobster claw
Freeze, motherbitches
Squeeze the breeze
Atomic hamster cheese

Missile attackin' nunchuk packin'
Ass-tastic flavors all nite booty slappin'
I'm a dope beat junkie
Touch my monkey
In a rock and roll band
I'm all American
Baby smell what is cookin
When the Hyundai hits brooklyn
Aim for the grille
A 64 dollar bill
Come on work that body
Ride me like a Kawasaki
I'm the chemical cowboy
I break all my toys
Ronald McDonald takes it in the ass
He is still recovering from that

"Limp Biscuit" a poem

Bite the biscuit
Buttermilk placebo for the masses
A tree coughs
A toll booth operator masturbates furiously
Pillow-biting anthems assault the senses from all angles
A heinous dish from Haiti
The poo stain, Ned Beatty
A skinny kid pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone
Or was it pudding?
He became...
Cuba Gooding

"Methamcredifiend" A character study

Data surges forth like a train of sausage links through a McDonald's straw
Computers pumping while you sleep...
Beyond 0's and 1's, into A, B, 6, Q, and Pi
Methamcredifiend viciously modifying monotoxins
The chemo cowboy in the confines of a condominium
Pornographic Pentium
Simply hypnotastic borderline Plastallica playing Galaga
Basement Jaxx off to Metallica
Wearing the same stinky sweater from Sunday when it's Saturday
Slayer riffs penetrate the .8 percent pungent dungeon
Upside-down Playstation wedged between 2 broken Nintendos and no windows
Smokin pretendo
Building shit with Bondo, spraypaint, and some Jordache jeans
Secret soldering iron Sega surgeon perma-virgin
The quintessential crystal central jistolpistol of useless info...
Inverted "PS" logo burned on his forehead
Worship at thine altar of heinous Hitachi debauchery
And plexiglass suburban soul purgin'
The silent surgeon

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