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Arson 06-27-2004 11:09 PM

Re: And here are some better examples...
So, basically, you want me to show you a page that looks modern yet uses techniques that have been outdated for over 5 years? From your posts, it's clear that you have no understanding of what CSS is or how it works, you don't know the difference between java and javascript and you don't even understand the problem that this thread was created to discuss.

From what I've seen, you're the only person on this entire thread that is unaware of how tables slow the rendering (not the loading, the rendering, two different things) of a page, particularly in Internet Explorer. That gives you quite a few choices as from whom to get a clue.

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SwampGas 06-28-2004 12:37 AM

Re: Nice
> What about the time that InVerse redesigned the site and
> Zophar and everyone else on the staff approved of it but
> you, who weren't even running the site at the time but were
> an admin for the host, threatened to shut down the site if
> it were implemented because you didn't like the color
> scheme?

This is the reason why nothing is happening. People like you are living in the past.

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Canar 06-28-2004 06:52 AM

Re: Nice
> So make a design.

Can do. I'll start tomorrow, and have a CSS, non-tables version of the front page by next weekend, if all goes well.

It'll just be an example page; I'll make a copy of a current index.html, translate it over to a CSS design, and post the result.

Will that work for you? I'll try set it up so it can be easily scripted via PHP; I don't know what the ZD back end looks like though.

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SwampGas 06-28-2004 07:43 AM

Re: Nice
We need a new design. The scripting will be fit into a new design.

So far no one has come up with a complete design.

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mFC 06-28-2004 08:27 AM

Re: Nice
i'm working on one at the moment and stuff. but yeah, ill place it somewhere when it looks decent.


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Canar 06-28-2004 04:40 PM

Re: Nice
> We need a new design. The scripting will be fit into a new
> design.

Ah. My offer was to convert the existing front page to use a CSS/XHTML compliant layout. From there, using CSS, it should be a breeze to design alternate layouts and designs, unless the desired layout changes drastically.

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Audigy 06-28-2004 04:49 PM

Re: Nice

> You, sir, are a tard.

AkaneJones is a sir? <img src=smilies/laff.gif>

Anyway... I'm fascinated by the way CSS is shaping web design nowadays. I need to get my ass over to that Zen site and edumakate myself.

Don't listen to Mr. Jones... heck, his website still uses tables for crying out loud.

(ok, this is my one flame for the day, I'm done, I promise. It just honks me off when people spout off about crap they're too ignorant to learn about.)

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Narvick 06-28-2004 09:59 PM

Re: Nice
Don't forget InVerse was a dipshit.

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Narvick 06-28-2004 10:01 PM

Re: Make the news page several tables
We've had this conversation before amongst the staff. The reason the page takes long to load sometimes is because of the advertisements. Everything loads up fine until advertisements. The sidebar and main news tables are the last to load, so blame the ad servers.

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