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Lak 08-11-2008 04:30 PM

MemcardRex 0.8
Shendo has released a new version of MemcardRex, an advanced PSX memory card editor which supports a lot of memory card and single save formats.
In order to run this application .NET framework 2.0 is required.

The following memcard formats are supported:
* ePSXe/PSEmu Pro Memory Card(*.mcr)
* DexDrive Memory Card(*.gme)
* pSX Memory Card(*.bin)
* Bleem! Memory Card(*.mcd)
* VGS Memory Card(*.mem, *.vgs)
* PSXGame Edit Memory Card(*.mc)
* DataDeck Memory Card(*.ddf)
* WinPSM Memory Card(*.ps)
* Smart Link Memory Card(*.psm)
* MCExplorer(*.mci)
* PSX PSP memory card(*.vmp) (opening only)

The following single save formats are supported:
* PSXGame Edit single save(*.mcs)
* XP, AR, GS, Caetla single save(*.psx)
* Memory Juggler(*.ps1)
* Smart Link(*.mcb)
* Datel(*.mcx;*.pda)
* RAW single saves
* PS3 virtual saves (*.psv) (importing only)

Changelog for the version 0.8:

* VMP format is supported once again (opening only) since some people were asking for it.
* PS3 virtual save format (*.psv) is now supported (importing only).
* RAW single save format is now supported (both importing and exporting).
* On startup first slot of both memorycards is now selected.

Download here.

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