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The 9th Sage 09-30-2009 05:38 PM

HackMii Installer v0.5 released
Homebrew is safe on System Menu 4.2 once again (if you've installed it or plan to), as Team Twiizers has released the new HackMii Installer v0.5. This should install the Homebrew Channel on System Menu 4.2 and will work just as it ever does on that version of the System Menu. There are updated versions of the HBC, BootMii, and DVDx (which also needs to be updated as it gets deleted on 4.2 as well).

You can find a huge changelog here (the Homebrew Channel got some really neat new features), or you can download it at BootMii.org. You can also update via the internet simply by booting up the Homebrew Channel.

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