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gutzsant 12-02-2008 01:57 AM

Yabause 0.9.8
A new release of this Sega Saturn emulator for multiple platforms is available. This is the changelog:

- Fixed a bug in software renderer with rotating
opengl video core:
- Added gouraud shading and mesh processing.
This is not enabled by default.
software video core:
- Fixed user clipping.
gtk port:
- Added mouse support.
- Configuration dialog now displays key names instead
of values. Also made it so each different configuration
is saved. This broke compatibility with old .ini files.
windows port:
- Support for spaces in filenames when using CLI.
- Added mouse support.
- Added cheat search.
- Added mouse emulation.
- Added de, es, it, pt-br and sv translations
- Support for "out of src" build.
- Fixed compilation for non supported platforms.
For instance this should fix compilation on dragonfly bsd.
Fixed compilation on GNU/Hurd too.

Get it at the project website. You can also get it here: Windows / Linux

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