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martini 12-31-2018 04:06 PM

VGBAnext, MasterGear, Speccy Emulators Updated

Hello, All!

This week, I released the new version of VGBAnext emulator for Android.
I have also updated free MasterGear and Speccy emulators for Windows and
Linux. See below for details.

VGBAnext 5.9.12 -- GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic emulator
* Added "Settings | General | Hide Dot Files" option.
* Enable hiding dot-files to ignore system files created by MacOS.
* Added "Settings | General | Prefer App Folder" option.
* Enable app folder preference to save new files to the application folder.
* Fixed "Completely Delete File" menu option.

MasterGear 4.5 -- Sega MasterSystem, GameGear, and SG-1000 emulator
* Now truncating all VRAM table addresses to 16kB boundary.
* Fixed accidental crashes when running SC-3000 programs.
* Now only hitting MIDI drums once per screen when recording.
* Moved "Light Gun" option to the "Input" menu in MG-Windows.

Speccy 5.0 -- Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator
* Moved PSG sound computation to Sync8910().
* When loading .Z80 files, PSG sound starts playing right away.
* Fixed airplane sounds in Auf Wiedersehen Monty.
* Fixed beeper conversion to melodic audio.
* Fixed MIDI playback in Speccy-Windows.
* Minor fixes to MIDI recording.

Finally, Speccy Deluxe for Android is currently on $1.99 sale at the
Google Play:


Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

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