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whocrazy 12-26-2008 11:51 PM

is there anything that can play these?
Hi there. I have 2 dumps, the first is rocky for the gameboy advanced, and the second is topgun combat zones, also for the GBA.
These games have a curious problem, the start button won't work, the main screen comes up, but if I try pressing start, nothing happens.
I've tried both visual boy advance and no$GBA and I'm still having the same problem. I even when to the vba-m website and downloaded all the svn compiled releases.
Is there any emulator out there that will play these games?

Adremalech The Wroth 12-27-2008 01:25 AM

your dumps are most likely bad. >.>

whocrazy 12-27-2008 06:31 AM

do you know if these games actually run on no$gba and visual boy advance?

The 9th Sage 12-28-2008 07:57 PM

This may be a dumb question, but are you absolutely sure your controls are set up how you think they are?

whocrazy 12-29-2008 03:08 AM

I'm positive, all my controls are set up correctly. rocky and topgun are the only 2 games that have this problem... so far.

The 9th Sage 12-29-2008 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by whocrazy (Post 85242)
I'm positive, all my controls are set up correctly. rocky and topgun are the only 2 games that have this problem... so far.

I'd say the man is right then, and that they are probably bad dumps. You could try verifying them against something like OfflineList's GBA dat.

whocrazy 12-30-2008 06:58 AM

Hi guys. I'm awfully sorry, but I've no idea how to use this program. I download it, unzip it to a folder and then run it, but what do I do next? some of the pulldown menus are disabled, and there is no documentation with the program included. I just want to know if the rom I have is a bad dump

gutzsant 12-30-2008 02:46 PM

I actually think that the emulators simply can't handle both games without a hack or both games have som sort of bug since their original incarnations. I've checked the ones from no-intro with VBA and both simply get "frozen" (more like they simply cannot advance from a certain menu). In the case of Rocky, both the US and Europe versions don't work at the same point, which in theory rules out bad dumping since both were dumped by different groups.
Here are the CRC32 of the games if you want to compare them with yours. They are from the no-intro dats, which means they are as clean as they get:
Rocky (us) C8F4FF1B
Rocky (eu) D2E55FB5
Top Gun - Combat Zones (us) DFC88D3E

If you really want to play them, perhaps you should try other emulators to see if one can handle them.

The 9th Sage 12-31-2008 03:28 PM

Actually, yes...have you tried no$gba? It's pretty accurate.

gutzsant 01-01-2009 12:49 AM

Yes I have. The problem remains. It is better exemplified with what happens in Top Gun - Combat Zones: after the game is started, you basically have to press the buttons to change between screens or you can wait, and after you select a language, you must choose and option to start the game. And here is the problem. No matter what you do, you won't be able to do anything with any of the options or the buttons. The only thing that you can do is move the cursor between the options, but you are unable to start the game in any way. That's why I believe it's possible that the games had that kind of problem since the beginning, as it seems unlikely that any emulator can pass from that point. Who knows, perhaps boycott or another migh be able to pass that point. Since neither this nor Rocky were popular games to begin with, perhaps no one really cared about playing them in an emulator, or perhaps the first releases were hacked in someway and nobody complained until now.

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