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frozenspark 01-02-2009 12:59 AM

Trying to get PCSX2 to work.. please help
Yeah, it's me again.. asking for help as usual. I have PCSX2 version 0.9.4 and all of the plug-ins ready. I also have an ISO of Castlevania Lament of Innocence, which according to the official pcsx2 website has been tested and should work properly. When I load the game, everything works fine, however, when the actual game loads and I start playing the framerate drops from 60 to 20 and the game becomes unplayable. Once I reach some bad guys to fight I'm sure the frame rate is going to plunge even lower. What do you guys think is causing it to run so slow and is there anything I can do to fix it? My PC specs are as follows: Core 2 Duo 6420 at 2.12 Ghz, 2.00 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS at 640MB.. though I think my CPU is definitely a bottleneck.

In the case of my CPU being sucky, would updating it to this make the game run at normal 60 fps?:


Or is better to switch to Quadcore altogether (I'm not sure if PCSX2 is capable of taking advantage of all 4 chips at the same time)

toasterhed 01-02-2009 06:35 PM

You know I haven't tried to play Castlevania Lament of Innocence on the PCSX2 before. Here are a couple things I've done to speed up games before. It may help with your problem as well.

What version of PCSX2 are you using? If you use the beta v0.9.5 (svn 377) version there is an option for speed hacks. You can try enabling the first two.

I'm not sure that the third will help much. I find some of the best speed out of just turning the sound off. Which is no fun, but it will run faster. Also you can try adjust the sound emulation so that you find a setting which will work best for you. I know that the sound settings have slowed some of my games down.

You can also try enabling frame skip. Sometimes that helps.

If your not using Multi-threaded GS and Dual Core Modes, you should enable those too. It will run much faster if you aren't already.

In general it's always good to find settings that will work for your system for this emulator. Even if the site says that you can play a game, it may require some tweaking or might not be 100% supported. Or perhaps the person testing the game is using different settings? I know on many sites a game being playable and fully supported are much different.

My system specs aren't terribly far off from yours and I can run some games. Achieving good FPS rates can be a pain though. Even when the game is known to be supported.

You can write your own patches but I haven't a clue how to do that. Best of luck to you. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

EDIT: There is also a new project from the PCSX2 team, I just DLed it and I'm testing it on a game now. But I dunno what the compatibility is like? I know that the beta I suggested does have the speed hacks, but you can always also try PCSX2 Playground v1.0.0395. You can download it from here.

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