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Azul Fria 08-05-2013 01:34 PM

Steem SSE v3.5.2
Steem SSE v3.5.2 uploaded

  • Bugfix options 'Drive track info', 'Pasti only for STX' on/off (Win32)
  • Drive track info: no sector when fast mode
  • Infobox will display SSE readme and FAQ; new font and size
  • More screenshots (100,000 instead of 1,000)
  • Bugfix CPU: Aladin, Fuzion 77 78 84
  • MFP: some improvements/refactoring inspired by Hatari (IACK, IRQ delay)
  • Blitter: writing 0 in #lines register translates into 65536.
  • Bugfix line -106 bytes shifter trick threshold (Just Buggin')
  • Shifter trick STE line +20, shift display (Riverside)
  • Bugfix read SDP: Mindbomb/No Shit (vs. SNYD/TCB)
  • Internal: new method for demos that destablise the shifter (option
  • "STF wake-up state 2")
  • Some ACIA bugfixes and improvements (High Fidelity Dreams, Overdrive Demos, Brataccas)
  • Floppy disk: handle when there's no disk in drive (European Demos)
  • Sound: renounce for now anti-aliasing attempts

Download it here or at http://sourceforge.net/projects/steemsse/

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