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Chimon 01-05-2011 06:59 PM

9 to Fast Forward
I was running epsxe on my old computer, which was a custom build WinXP x64 system. I only got around to running one game, which was Final Fantasy XIII, and I noticed that when I pressed the '9' key it fast-forwarded the game and my framerate hit triple digits. The "0" key froze and unfroze the game.

This was awesome for skipping cut scenes. I also used it to train up my characters, as I could hold down move, attack, and the nine key and kill monsters in super speed. I once tried to change the 'fast forward' key to a more convenient button, but I couldn't figure out what part of the program was providing this functionality, and there was no screen that allowed me to change it.

Now I've installed epsxe on my Win7 x64 computer, and while the games work fine, this fast forward feature is no longer present. I assume this is because it was a feature of the graphics plug-in I was using, and I am now using a different plug-in (I don't remember which plug-in I used before but I know it was one of the common recommended ones, not a weird rare one, probably one of Pete's.)

My question is, does anyone else have an emulator that does this, and if so, what graphics plug-in are you using? Does anyone know how I can get this feature back?

I have tried several plug-ins and can't fast forward anything on my new PC.


Oh and by the way I've tried the trick on Pete's plug-ins where you use the 'end' key to disable frame limiting so that the game fast forwards, and for whatever reason that doesn't speed anything up for me (although the frame rate counter does go through the roof).

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