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BlackTelomeres 12-29-2006 08:54 PM

A few SMILE questions
Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these.

1. On the map editor, is it possible to get rid of the area name labels that the game applies to the map where it "thinks" the elevators are when you go to a map machine and load the map? I saw no option for it in the map editor and they don't appear in the editor either, but they do appear ingame when you access a map machine. Obviously, the elevator rooms have been moved on the map in the hack, but the names are still sitting in the old locations.

2. I'm sure this is probably widely known, I've seen a few hacks that have done it - how do you get rid of the scrolling "garbage" that appears in the crateria ship room's background over the clouds if you exit from a cave that isn't "normally" connected to that room? About the only workaround I can find is to change the cave's background to the "sky," but the real super metroid didn't need to do this, so I assume there's another way.

3. About room scroll areas...I tried changing room scroll pointers to change scroll areas in the rooms, but it doesn't seem to affect anything. Well, actually, I think it destroyed the test rom I tried it on. So, is there any way to easily get more "blue" and "green" scroll areas in a room without ASM? Particularly in rooms which already had a huge original size and there's a lot of room in the rom for added content, but most of the scrolling areas are red.
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Insomnia DMX 01-02-2007 03:46 PM

Re: A few SMILE questions
> 1.

I don't know If I completely understand your question, but go to edit, and click "room properties." There you can change what area the room is in.

> 2.

Well, I'm pretty sure that to fix this, you have to make the "layer 2 scroll" 0000. (which is over by the clipboard, under "Other.")

> 3.

Go grab yourself a hex editor, like Hex Workshop (I like it.) and grab http://fusoya.panicus.org/la/index.htmlLunar Address</a>.

First, note that in SMILE, all the addresses used in the "Pointers" window are SNES addresses; for all intents and purposes, because SM is a lo-rom game, a SNES address will look like this: $8F:8000. The PC addresses that you'd see in a hex editor, for the same spot would look like this: $078000, assuming you're not using a headered ROM, which would make the PC address $0200 bigger. And just so you know, in SNES addresses, the first two digits are called a "bank."

So... Open Lunar Address and SMILE, with your rom. Tell Lunar Address that we're working with lo-rom. Go to the pointers window in SMILE and look at the scroll value, we'll use a clean rom's first room, there, its scroll value is $8F:9283, put that in Lunar Address's SNES side and your PC address, the one to use in a hex editor will be outputted. "Go to" that in a hex editor, and you'll see the scroll data. If you don't have enough space to put all your scroll data (ie: you're overwriting other stuff), you'll have to change your pointer for scroll data for that room. To find a new place to put it, look for some empty space in the same bank, which will be a place with a bunch of FF's, though it must be in the same bank. Once you find such a place, find its PC address, and put that into Lunar Address, you'll get the address you should use in your pointer. (Use the last four digits)

Although... That may not be your problem, if there are red scroll areas, you can make them green or blue. Under preferences, go to view, then tile size, and then 8x8 (Scroll Editor). There, you can click on the areas to change their scroll value. If you know how to do this, and you've tried, and that overwrites other important data, then you must use the above steps to change the pointer.

PS: In SMILE's pointer window, there's a box at the bottom with a $ in front of it, that will also convert SNES addresses to PC addresses, although it will only work one way.
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BlackTelomeres 01-03-2007 01:10 AM

Re: A few SMILE questions
Thanks for the help, especially on the 3rd issue. I never would've thought to look under View for a scroll editor. I had pretty much given up hope on SMILE having that functionality, but apparently it does. And the hex advice will be of help in case I run into any problems that the scroll editor can't handle.

For 2, though, that doesn't seem to solve the problem. I tried changing the scroll layer to "0000" and I still get the same problem of the background of the exited room overlaying onto scrolling bg of the main room. That might be another case of me not describing the problem well enough.

For question 1, I probably did a bad job at describing the situation. I attached a pic that should clarify it. What I want to do is remove the circled area names or move them to where the elevators currently are. They don't seem to appear in SMILE's map editor though, so I'm just not sure if they can be moved with SMILE or not.
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BlackTelomeres 01-03-2007 01:15 AM

Re: A few SMILE questions
Also, here's a pic to try to clarify the situation with the 2nd question. As you can see, in the pic, the background from the room I just exited has been transferred over to the main rooms background and is sitting there looking terrible. This is even after I changed the layer 2 scroll to 0000
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Insomnia DMX 01-03-2007 07:04 PM

Re: A few SMILE questions
> Thanks for the help, especially on the 3rd issue.

No problem, though whenever you start noticing your enemies or PLMs , or anything for that matter getting overwritten or changing without you doing anything, you should do this.

> For 2...

I kinda forget what you do to fix that, because the same thing happened to me, just compare all the pointers for the room that works with the one that doesn't.

> For question 1...

I got rid of the map in my hack, so... I don't know what exactly to do there, sorry. Ask Drewseph, he made a map for his hack. You can try to PM him here, he's "sigfriedxx." He probably won't be see it for a while though. However he'll probably be on IRC, on esper.net at #jzd.

http://www.ircatwork.comIf you don't have an IRC client, you can use IRC-at-work.</a>
(For server you'd put "esper.net"
For channel, you'd put #jzd)

Though, if you plan on using IRC a lot, I suggest you http://www.google.com/search?q=irc+c...en-US:officialget a client.</a>

I suggest you play Drew's hack for some ideas on how a good hack (maybe a bit hard for some tastes) should be like.
http://drewseph.zophar.net/His site.</a>

Once you start to better understand how the game works, http://drewseph.zophar.net/Kejardon/Kejardon's SM docs</a> will be a nice resource.

As for my site, you will notice only three links work, one is to the page for my hack, it's just an artefact you could say, (the background tile is gone so it's white text on a white background.) One is my email, and the other is for my IPS patches.

As for those patches, one is a demo of my hack from about a year ago. It's come a long way, but it's still not done. The others are little ASM hacks I want to keep seperately.
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BlackTelomeres 01-04-2007 07:22 PM

Re: A few SMILE questions
On the second issue, I'm actually stumped as to what it could be. Because I changed one of the rooms that normally connects to the ship room in crateria to still connect to the ship room, only through a different door, and it still causes that error even though its a room that normally causes no problems when transversing to the ship room. Thus, all the pointers should still be the same as far as FX, BG data, etc. It's almost as if the doors are causing it, not the rooms themselves.

And yes, I've played Redesign and a few of the Japanese hacks like Limit and Legacy, although I don't think I could ever make something as extensive as Redesign, since it requires rom expansion and a lot of ASM stuff.

For question 1, it looks like SMILE cant edit that, according to Kejardon's documents that you linked to, more specifically the AutoMapIcons.txt and he notes that it probably won't be added to SMILE for some reason
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Jathys 01-09-2007 03:24 AM

Re: A few SMILE questions
> For question 1, it looks like SMILE cant edit that,
> according to Kejardon's documents that you linked to, more
> specifically the AutoMapIcons.txt and he notes that it
> probably won't be added to SMILE for some reason

Right and right . . . That document of Kej's is probably your best bet on finding the info you need.

An extra word on #3 though . . . Some rooms use 0000 and 0001 as "pointers" to scroll data. Either of these values will (though SMILE won't show this correctly) will automatically set each and every screen in the room to a green scrolling area. This can save some space in rooms that have no need for seperate scroll data.

BTW- I skimmed the code for the scroll loader in the game (doors only) and it appears that any value from 0000-7FFF will give you the same result.
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BlackTelomeres 01-10-2007 05:45 AM

Re: A few SMILE questions
Thank you for the response, Jathys. About question 2 though, is there any specific values I can change using SMILE that can stop that graphical error or is it the result of something that's hardcoded into the game?
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Jathys 01-10-2007 03:19 PM

Re: A few SMILE questions
>About question 2 though, is there any specific values I can
>change using SMILE that can stop that graphical error

There is something you can change, but I can't remember which one off the top of my head. I'm too lazy to check at the moment as well, but know it'll be one of 3 pointers/values.

Open up a room (of better yet, another state of the landing zone) that "works" and note the values for:
-FX2 pointer (I'm 90% sure this is the one)
-Layer 2 Scroll (behind the bts menu in "Other")

Open up the landing site to the state that isn't working:
-Change the values to what was working in the other room (but note down the current values, in case you have to revert).

One of those 3 "pointers" should fix the problem for you.
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BlackTelomeres 01-13-2007 08:53 AM

Re: A few SMILE questions
Well, the thing is, it isn't so much a background problem as it is a problem in the relationship between other rooms and all landing site rooms. When cloning a door and changing it to attach to the landing site (unless it's the same configuration the original Super Metroid has), it gives that graphical error after exiting the door no matter what I've changed of those three pointers in either the connecting room, or the landing site room. The only thing that actually doesn't give the error is if I change the bgdata of the connecting room to a landing site background. Which is probably what I'll have to do if I can't figure this out. I also went through some of the Japanese Super Metroid hacks and more of them than I remember also have this error in them.

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