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The 9th Sage 06-25-2009 05:09 AM

HCVA v1.40 released
While it was updated some time ago, it's new to our archive, so here it is. HCVA is a NES emulator for the GBA that supports the vanilla NES as well as the Famicom Disk System. I can't be sure what the changes are since the files are all in Japanese, but here is a description on how to get it to work:

1.Uncompress this file with the included folder structure. Recommended software for Windows based Operating Systems is XacRett or WinRAR.

2. Create a new folder in the hvca directory and name it "ADD".

3. Copy all the .nes, .nsf, and .fds files that you wish to use into that "ADD" folder. If you want to play FDS games you'll also need the FDS BIOS, usually called "disksys.rom", there. Note that some users have had issues using a 40 KB disksys.rom file, while a different 8 KB one downloaded from somewhere else worked.

4. Some games need special config (*.CFG) files, these are located in the folder "CFG". Just copy the ones you need to the "ADD" folder and rename them according to the ROM Images you want to use.

5. Run the "merge.bat" file, select your flash card type, and you'll see the filesize of "hvca.bin" increase as the mapper files and your files are added into it. Now simply run hvca.bin in a GBA emulator or flash it directly to a flash cart.
There you have it. You can download it from the author's site, or from our new HCVA page.

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