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The 9th Sage 08-24-2009 03:53 PM

PSPCAP32 v1.5.1
A new version of ZX-81's port of Caprice32 to the PSP has been released for your Amstrad CPCing pleasure. Here's what's new:
  • This version of PSPCap32 supports IRDA-Joystick box designed
    by my good friend Buzz ( see http://buzz.computer.free.fr ).
    Schematic and PIC source code is provided in contrib folder.
  • Add "IRDA joystick" device support for both
    DB9 Joystick and Atari Paddle
  • Add menu for IRDA joystick settings and keys mapping
  • Add option to choose between IRDA devices (keyboard or joystick)
You can get this new release over on ZX-81's website, or you can head on over to our PSPCAP32 page.

via EmuWiki.com

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