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sigfriedxx 08-16-2005 06:57 PM

Editing Intro Video Demos for Super metroid
Since my hack has changed pretty much every room in the intro clips from the original Super metroid I was wondering if there was a way to actually replace those videos with new ones. it seems that the game just loads the room and executes prerecorded button activtion just like any Zsnes movie, or snes9x movie. is there a way to reprogram this?

Jathys 08-16-2005 09:24 PM

Re: Editing Intro Video Demos for Super metroid
Looked into this a bit... Haven't figured out the moves yet (though I have edited these accidentally in the past and am looking for them on purpose this time). Can tell you that the room you start in, your x/y position, and how long you stay on that particular intro are all variables that are set with the load/save point editor in SMILE (I'll have to expand the list so you can see them though).

On a side note... If you extend the time you stay in a particular part of the intro, so that you enter a door, you can play in the intro (items aren't available for pick-up).

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