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tduyduc 01-23-2011 09:52 AM

My first hack of Castlevania 1 & 3 (NES): Scenery Hacks.
This is my very first ROM hacks. They have complete changes of graphics and major changes in levels.
I hope everyone will like it.
Visit my SkyDrive for downloads and updates.
(CV3 Scenery Hacks) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...0tduyduc/Patch
(CV Winter) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...a%20Winter.ips
(CV Scenery Hacks) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...ry%20Hacks.ips
(CV3 Dark Hack) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...ark%20Hack.ips
(CV3 Winter Hack) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...ter%20Hack.ips
(CV Dark Hack 1) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...ark%20Hack.ips
(CV Dark Hack 2) http://cid-ea81e0060698f530.office.l...20Hack%202.ips
(For all ROM hacks, perform patching to the USA or Konami Classics versions only)
Reply or send me an e-mail (the address can be found in the title screens) if you want any changes for next versions or if there is an error. Also share your feelings with e-mail :)

Reaper man 01-23-2011 03:05 PM

If you are going to post your ROM hack, you must post it in IPS format only.

tduyduc 01-24-2011 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by Reaper man (Post 102202)
If you are going to post your ROM hack, you must post it in IPS format only.

How can I make the IPS patch file?
Can I post both hack ROMs and patch files in my SkyDrive? (the link will be to the ROM hack folder. Sorry if there is any error because I don't speak English.)

Reaper man 01-24-2011 01:22 PM

I think I'll just let InVerse handle this one.

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