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gutzsant 11-25-2008 03:14 PM

meisei 1.2.3
A new version of this open source MSX emulator for Windows is available. This is what's new:
  • added setting to overrule checksum when loading states or movies, handy if you're ROM hacking and made savestates on an earlier hack revision
  • Z80: fixed a couple of undocumented details not caught by test programs
  • input: added PC keyboard LED flags for trigger rules
  • input: you can now grab the mouse pointer (Ctrl+Shift+M), making games like Arkanoid easier to control
  • input: fixed Sony pause key conflict with default pause shortcut
  • added support for Sony's Magic Key dongle, a simple cheat device that can be used with Gall Force (and a couple of MSX2 games)

Download it at the author's website or here.

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