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gutzsant 02-28-2010 07:56 PM

emuControlCenter v1.0.R2
A new version of this emulator/rom manager has been released. Changes:

Version 1.0.R2 (2010.02.25)
Small updates
  • Updated right-click menu icons (by Blackerking)
  • Added extensions: .WAD for Nintendo Wii
  • DOSBox games will be imported from now with the ZIP parser, so only zipped files will be supported.
  • Added extensions
  • Nintendo WII: DOL, ELF
  • Sega 32X: SMD
  • Apple 3: DO
Script updates
  • Added a DOSBox script with was in developement for 1 month on the forum, we have found solutions and we're proud that ECC can handle DOS games with DOSBox, we hopy you enjoy it too!
  • Added "IntelliX" subroutine into ECC script system
  • This subroutine uses the ECC config variables and applies them automaticly.
  • This should make handling of packed romfile inside archives a lot easier.
  • Autodetects if there is a .cue file present (with the same filename) and uses this when available
  • Added script for anex86 emulator for platform: PC-9801 (by te_lanus)
Tool updates
  • ECC Live! v3.2.0.4
  • Fixed an issue where executing a file didn't work properly.
DATfile updates
  • Updated DATfiles for:
  • CPS-1: from 2009.09.15 to 2010.01.03
  • CPS-2: from 2009.09.15 to 2010.01.03
  • MAME : from v0.135 to v0.136
  • Updated 'driver.ini' for MAME (lordashram)
Thirdparty updates
  • Notepad++ v5.6.4
  • AutoIt v3.3.4.0
Get it at the author's website.

via EmuWiki.com

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