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injection 02-28-2019 03:00 PM

Is there a raw listing of the stuff stored on this site?
I'm trying to snag every piece of video game music from the site with wget, and I'd really rather not make a complicated script that grabs the link from every page. Is there a raw apache/nginx listing for every music file?

Edit: nice.

Edman 02-28-2019 04:11 PM

Please don't wget the whole site. It causes unnecessary server load for everyone.

Downloading all tracks on the site is will net you 19,800 hours of music. Not only is that pretty pointless in and of itself, a lot of that music is only listenable if you've played the game it goes with.

Its much better to go through the site and download the files you actually need.

Also, some of the MP3s are pretty heavy. For example, from snesmusic.org you can get a torrent with all the SPC sets.

That torrent is 158MB.

The whole SNES MP3s section is 116GB.

But its the same music. Download foobar2000, install the appropriate plugin, load up the SPC sets, and if you want to, convert to MP3. If you can write a script to download a site you can do this. The MP3s on the site are there for the casual listener to get a quick fix on a couple of games they want.

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