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dangwoot 07-09-2008 07:52 PM

fMSX v3.5.35: an MSX emulator for the PSP
Homebrew developer uberjack has updated fMSX to version 3.5.35. For those who aren't too familiar with this program, it is essentially an MSX emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

According to the release post, this version of the application is essentially a bug-fix release. Here's a quick look at all the improvements over the previous version as taken from the homebrew's official website:

* Bugfix - many games, especially MegaROM games did not load correctly in the previous version (thanks Victor)
* Added Fast Forward button mapping - while disabled by default, you can map any button to fast-forward emulation in the Controls menu
* Custom mapper types can now be embedded in source code. This version includes built-in support for Zanac Ex and Mon Mon Monster.

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