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ag1052 07-09-2009 10:12 PM

Need a step by step guide to make a disk for my Dreamcast
Hey Guys!

This is my first post and I have never done sort of emulations before. I have a dreamcast and I very much would like to know how to make a disk for it. Is there a step by step guide that someone could post a link of? The more basic language the better because I really dont know much about all of this. Anything would help.


InVerse 07-09-2009 11:20 PM

There aren't really many steps. Download a DreamCast disc images. Download a burning utility that is compatible with that particular image format. Burn the disc. Most DreamCast images are in Disc Juggler format which can be burned using Disc Juggler or Alcohol 120%. You just open the program, open the disc image and click burn.

schmocke 07-10-2009 08:32 PM

Just to mention writing the disk in "raw-dao" mode, then the dreamcast should read it.

But I guess he would like to create his own emulation-related disk (e.g. SNES, Genesis or GameBoy), which I havenīt done before myself. All I can say is that itīs way more tricky than writing a Dreamcast image to CD-R.

Try searching Google for ready-to-burn emulation disks (images) for your Dreamcast. And pay attention, nearly every system after the NES runs not at fullspeed on Dreamcast or has glitchy sound and/or similar issues.

Rockman Rock 10-08-2009 10:19 AM

How glitchy are arcade ROMs? I'm new as well, haven't gotten down the learning curve for emu programs that work on the DC. Apologies if this is the wrong thread. I've read a bunch of FAQs from many sources and playing my backups hasn't been successful.

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