Zophar's Domain featured in Fanbyte Youtube series, "Forgotten Worlds"


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Greetings, users of the domain! Last week, Merritt k of Fanbyte fame released a new short video in her "Forgotten Worlds" series - and this one is all about emulation in the late 90s and early 2000s. Zophar's Domain is featured (Merritt contacted me a few months ago for research for this piece) - check it out and enjoy! If you'd like more info on what that time was like, or were here for it back then and want to reminisce about the golden age of emulation, come stop by the "Zophar's Realm" Twitch stream and let's swap stories.

Zophar's Realm on Twitch
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Nice video, Nice Memories. 🥲

I remember that at that times (90's and 00's) we were just dumping to the trash our Ataris, Nintendo and Super Nintendo because there were better and powerful consoles that can not be emulated at that time. No one cared about emulation, since it seemed just to be novelty hobby to run old stuff that nobody cared about, and emulation even became a bad word. Today that changed, Emulation is accepted, and it's even legally use to suck more money out of us with old nostalgia. :ROFLMAO:

Let me post the spoiler image of the video. :)


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