Zophar returns... with retro streaming!


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Greetings to the Domain! I hope you all have been staying healthy and safe during these past few years. I'm very happy to see the site still here over 25 years since its founding on November 9, 1996. I could never have imagined all these years later the impact it would end up having! I just want to say, thank you to everyone who has tirelessly worked to ensure the site continues on all these years later (Edman, martini, dlevere, everyone!), and to each and every one of you who continues to visit Zophar's Domain today!

It has been a little while since I've dabbled in retro gaming / emulation but recently, I've started to get 'the itch" again for all things retro. In the years that have passed since founding this site, retro gaming itself seems to be everywhere you look now... and I love it! The events of the last two years especially has found people looking for different types of "outlets" - and I think we can agree that one of the best ways to pass the time is to fire up your favorite video game from the past and disappear into its vast world.

While my own personal life remains busy between my career and my family, I've made the decision to take some of the spare time that I do have and try my hand at streaming (mainly retro-gaming, but nothing's really off the table) on the Twitch platform! It's still very much a work-in-progress, but you can find me live on Twitch (most evenings, EST) at Zophar's Realm. I've also started an archive of highlights of my broadcasts & other interesting tidbits on YouTube. Feel free to hang out, watch me play video games badly (using emulation, of course!), chat with me about your favorite video game and/or soundtrack, the emulation community of the 90s or the present, the weather, or even the disappointment that is the Philadelphia Eagles. ;) I hope to be more active now going forward than I have been in the past two decades.

Oh and one last thing... Emulation Forever!
I hear ya. I'd have to defer to the owner Edman and the current staff, as I do not have access to maintain the individual sections of the site beyond submitting news articles for consideration & approval.
I know montie2k usually handles the music but what's the problem with the music section to be exact? I usually approve/disapprove user submitted files these days.
There just hasn't been an update under its given category. That is all. Sorry for the late reply.
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