ZELDA Majora's Mask Debug Rom


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This shit may be old, BUT
i just found it...and I'm excited.

Here is the video. It looks like it has only been out for a month and a half. Now we have to learn all about the new beta. So long OOT, welcome MM
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No, it's at least kinda recent. I got it recently myself...pretty awesome how it even exists. :p Stuff like this almost never comes out of Nintendo.

Hm, definitely looks like it wasn't working well with the graphics plug-in the person who made that video was using. The debug text wasn't displaying well at all.
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Yeah, I notice that too. It ran pretty awfully with project64 so I tried Nemu64 and it runs almost perfectly without changing any settings.

The thing is so recent, there is practically no documentation. From a little bit of scouring, this is all I have:

Controller 1
L+R+Z Maps Select
L+D-Down Change Form
D-Up? Noclip

Controller 3 - Debug Camera

Controller 4 - Environment/Demodata tool

Debug audio code: 813E416C 1111 Press L and R on controller 4 to scroll through the pages.
I'm going to be playing a little bit with it in my free time. I"ll keep you posted if I come across anything new or exciting.
This is the rest that some digging turned up:

X 1: SPOT00 - beginning cutscene
title - reboots ROM
0: beginning cutscene (again)
0-P: as above, but from when the Skull Kid runs away with Epona. you have Tatl and the music is from the beginning of the cutscene.
1: Termina Field, west exit
1-0: tunnel leading to the Astral Observatory
1-1: telescope view
1-2: Ikana Graveyard
2: Romani Ranch
3: Milk Road
4: Ranch House
5: stables at the Romani Ranch
6: Cucco Shack
7: Doggy Racetrack
8: Gorman Track
10: Mountain Village
10-0: Mountain Village in spring
10-1: Mountain Smithy
11: Goron Village
11-0: Goron Village in spring
11-1: Goron Shrine
11-2: A cave in Snowhead, has a chest containing five rupees
11-3: Goron Shop
12: Snowhead
13: Road up to Mountain Village
14: Road up to Snowhead
15: Goron Racetrack
16: Goron Graveyard
17: Road up to Goron Village
17-0: Road up to Goron Village in spring
20: Southern Swamp
20-0: Southern Swamp without poisoned water
20-1: Tourist Information
20-2: Magic Hags Potion Shop
21: Woodfall
21-0: Post Odowla battle cutscene
22: Deku Palace
22-0: A hole presumably somewhere in Deku Palace
22-1: Another hole with a Deku Baba
22-2: Another hole with scalable walls and a fuck load of enemies
22-3: The other end of 22-2
22-4: The Magic Bean Salesman's hole
24: Road to Southern Swamp
24-0: Southern Swamp Shooting Range
25: Deku King's Chamber- because you're human Link every time you enter a map, you can't actually enter this properly via the map select.
26: Woods of Mystery
30: Great Bay Coast
30-0: Marine Research Labs
30-1: Fisherman's Hut
30-2: Pinnacle Rock
31: Further up the Great Bay Coast
32: Pirates' Fortress
32-0 to 11: Floors of the Pirates' Fortress
33: Zora Hall
33-0: Zora Shop
33-1: Drummer's room
34: Cutscene with Gerudo pirates and a tornado, warps to Great Bay Temple after
35: Waterfall Rapids
40: Stone Tower
40-0: Stone Tower inverted
41: Road to Ikana Canyon
42: Ancient Castle of Ikana
42-0: Ancient Castle of Ikana again, room full of redeads
42-B: Ancient Castle of Ikana boss area
43: Ikana Canyon
43-0: Ikana King encounter
43-1: Sakon's Hideout
43-2: Music Box House
50: East Clock Town
50-0: Town Shooting Gallery
50-1: Honey and Darling's Shop
50-2: Treasure Chest Shop
50-3: Stock Pot Inn
50-4: Mayor's Residence
50-5: Milk Bar
51: West Clock Town
51-0: Bomb Shop
51-1: Curiousity Shop
51-2: Trading Post
51-3: Swordsman's School
51-4: Post Office
51-5: Lottery Shop
52: North Clock Town
53: South Clock Town
53-0: Twisted tunnel leading to the inside of Clock Tower
54: Cutscene on top of Clock Tower- midnight on the third day
55: Laundry Pool
55-0: Kafei's Hideout
55-1: Looking into the Curiousity Shop
100: Woodfall Temple
100-B: Woodfall Temple boss area
101: Snowhead Temple
101-B: Snowhead Temple boss area
102: Great Bay Temple
102-B: Great Bay Temple boss area
103: Stone Tower Temple
103-0: Stone Tower Temple inverted
103-B: Stone Tower Temple boss area- cutscene begins immediately
104: The Moon
104-0: Odowla room on the Moon
104-1: Goht room on the Moon
104-2: Gyorg room on the Moon
104-3: Twinmold room on the Moon
104-B: Majora's Mask boss battle
119: Deku Shrine
121: Secret Shrine
122: Cutscene when Skull Kid turns you into Deku Link
123: Cutscene when you learn the Oath to Order
126: Deku rupee minigame in North Clock Town
127-0: Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town
127-1: Fairy Fountain at Woodfall
127-2: Fairy Fountain at Snowhead
127-3: Fairy Fountain at Great Bay
127-4: Fairy Fountain at Stone Temple
128: Swamp Spider House
129: Oceanside Spider House
130: Beneath Ikana Graveyard
131: Beneath Ikana Well
132: Ghost Hut
133-0: Beneath Ikana Graveyard (under a grave)
133-1: same as 133-0 but another warp point
134: the various holes scattered around Termina
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Actually, I think if you change the Age you can start as other forms as I remember (hopefully I'm not misremembering).
Haven't messed with that yet. So you may be right!

I have a question for you sage that you may or may not have the answer for:

Who made the Zelda Edit program for Ocarina of Times Beta?
Zelda Edit 0.9.5 gave you, on top of other things, ROM fixes. The one that is the most appealing was translating the Level select to English. Nothing against Japanese characters or anything, lol.
Huh, I didn't know there was a translation of the beta menu text. :p That would certainly make some things easier.
This shit may be old, BUT
i just found it...and I'm excited.

Here is the video. It looks like it has only been out for a month and a half. Now we have to learn all about the new beta. So long OOT, welcome MM

I see you found my MM DEBUG vid lol.
Btw I like how you mapped out the levels.
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