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I mentioned this once and someone told me it worked fine but I just went to check on an emulator and found if on the main ZD page I clicked on the right menu, specifically windows/dos or unix, basically the first 2 links I would just reload the main page again.

Well I then looked at the bottom of my browser at the url when I held my mouse over these links and it gave the main zd url. I then found the url was probably right for the links since it wasn't the links that were the problem but the fact that the ZD LOGO at the top of the main page or the template for it overlapped both links in my browser. Maybe something in the coding is not compensating for me using slightly bigger font but lots of people use font resizing so that should not be a problem with a properly coded page.

My guess is either the logo fades to invisible at the edges and is overlapping the links though it can't be seen or more likely the template is off and lets the link area associated with the logo/top of page overlap those links. It also affects subpages as in N64, Dolphin, ect. , I checked.

I'm using Firefox and XP BTW if that makes a difference since sending someone using linux or vista or IE may give totally different results in checking on this problem.

OK here's an image, you'll see an error message at the top of the page and a square. I did not draw that square, I dragged my mouse across the page and it showed up. I checked and the square is the link to the main page and everthing outside that does not show up as the link. If you notice the bottom outline of the square to the bottom of the black logo is the same distance from the top of the outline to the bottom of the links running horizontal across the top of the page. Seems the anchor for the link associated with the logo needs to be repositioned about 2 inches or around 100 or so pixels higher on the page since it should follow the outline of the ZD logo.

Yeah, we've seen that. It's a PHP error, so it appears on all browsers. Reaper man is trying to contact Edman so it can be fixed.
Actually, that thing with the logo happened to me because of something Adblock Plus on Firefox was using. If you are running Firefox, try disabling adblocking and see if that fixes it. I did fix it by messing with the settings somehow, though I can't recall exactly what I did.

The error message is something else entirely.
The PHP error has been fixed. Anything else on the page is probably caused by wrong use of adblock.
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