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there are links at the top of the page that have no function, would it be possible to image map those to their respective functions?
Out of curiosity, do you mean the Home, Forums, Register, etc. buttons? If so, I had an issue using AdBlock Plus. If it is enabled on this site, the buttons don't function correctly. Disabling the ad blocker will correct it.
Yeah, they work here, so that's probably why they aren't working for you (I had the same problem, had to re-enable a specific frame to get it to work properly).
thats a strange bug in adblock.

It's more a "bug" in the page layout, as I believe the "box areas" for the links are hardcoded on the page and rely on the ads for alignment. (with adblock on, if you move your mouse 100 pixels down or so from the menu, you'll be able to click on most of them.)
I got around this problem by just whitelisting the entire site, which is something I find myself doing more often. If a site admin specifically asks, and the ads aren't too annoying, then I'll kill the ad blocker.
I already did that trick once at Edge Emulation. I was in #edgeemu one day, someone came in asking a question about the site and I said "Site? There's a site?".
I think it would be nice to see the utilities here get a big batch of updates. I know a lot of it has to do with the authors releasing new versions of the software n stuff, but some of the utilities people may find useful (like me) arent exactly on the front cover of Newsweek, so new releases may get missed.


Of these utilities I just linked, one being a version of TLP that opens Genesis Bin files right, the other is a version of Gens that just dumps a TPL Palette file. I verified that it works on Phantasy Star 4 (cant get 2 to seem to work right ever) and Sonic.

Maybe this isnt exactly front page, but a general site suggestion...
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