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zBoy is another emulator we haven't had on this site before. It's a Game Boy emulator for Windows, DOS, and Linux that is still in the early stages of development but already plays several commercial games. The changelogs don't go into any details for changes before the current version, so here's what's new for this one:

  • Resetting few additional internal variables at emulator's restart (F10) - now Duck Tales is not crashing anymore when restarted,
  • Optimizations of the video subsystem and CPU emulation code (the emulator is about 2x faster now),
  • Added support for Joypads,
  • Added the possibility to redefine all keys (both emulated buttons and emulator's hotkeys),
  • Fixed a small calculation bug causing the emulator to run at max (unlimited) speed after loading a game state,
  • Added the "--ROMINFOS" command-line parameter, making zBoy to show various informations about the loaded ROM before starting the emulation,
  • Added the "--NOSPEEDLIMIT" command-line parameter to play zBoy at unlimited speed (might be useful for benchmarking purposes),
  • Added the "--SHOWFPS" command-line parameter to make zBoy display FPS value while playing (was always displayed before),
  • Added support for "turbo keys" (also known as "auto fire") for buttons A and B,
  • Implemented support for the MBC2 memory controller - made working such games like F-1 Race, Kid Icarus, Rolan's Curse II, Torpedo Range...,
  • Implemented support for the MBC3 memory controller (but without TIMER support so far) - made working such games like Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red,
  • Added the "--NOSCREENSAVER" command-line parameter which prohibits any screensaver to start while the emulator is running (Linux only),
  • Added the "--HISCORESMEM" option that tells zBoy to memorize HiScores in games that aren't able to do so by themselves (supports "Pipe Dream", "Pac-Man" and "Super Marioland"),
  • The IME (Interrupt Master Enable) register is always set to 0 at boot now (games like "Pac-Man special color edition", "Pagemaster" and "Hook" are not crashing at start anymore).
The Windows and DOS downloads can be found here while the Linux version can be found here and both can be found at the original site.

Thanks to Adam Yauch for pointing this emulator out.
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