WinUAE 1.5.1 Beta 5


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WinUAE, an excellent Commodore Amiga emulator for Windows, has been updated to 1.5.1 Beta 5.

Here's what's changed since 1.5.1 Beta 4:
  • avi recording crash if only audio recording was enabled
  • native dll support fixed
  • do not enable second Z3 board if RAM limit reached (=decrease Z3 size) and Z3 size is smaller than 256M (4M+2M combination for example is quite stupid..)
  • adjusted max RAM limit calculation (max RAM + max page file instead of currently available RAM + max page file)
  • sound adjustments, previously it was possible to lock non-safe portion of directsound sound buffer causing glitches in some cases (which may or may have never happened)
  • SuperEagle, Super2xSaI and 2xSaI 32-bit color support added
  • disable filter if filter size multiplier is too big for configured display size (instead of overflowing buffers..)
  • resolution and doubling setting change on the fly updates filter centering
  • added -ddsoftwarecolorkey command line option. Workaround for buggy Intel integrated laptop chipset Vista graphics driver causing non- transparent (pink rectangle) RTG hardware cursor
  • (new AHI driver will be only available after 1.5.1)
You can grab the latest beta of WinUAE and find more info about the emulator in our WinUAE page.

Also, many thanks to Kojote for pointing this out!
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