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So I was bored a couple of days ago and I DLed WinMugen. I have been playing with it trying to create some custom stuff mixed with some of the classic. I like it a lot and I was wondering what you guys though about it? I have heard that you can actually use the engine for other types of games, not just fighting and I've seen a few things people have made like mini-games and bonus stages.

I like it, but I am big 2D fighter fan.

I'm going to look into how the programming works if I can find I good source for info. This could be really fun. Melding together different types of games into a 2D fighting adventure. I wouldn't miss out on that. :bigthumbup:


PS - sorry if this has been posted or is in the wrong section. I did search this thread before hand.
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I haven't messed with Mugen much, but it is pretty cool in it's way. The way you can build characters/stages/everything pretty much ensures that you get some awesome, oddball characters to play with. :)
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