Wii & SSB: Brawl Codes?

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I've finally got everything I need for online play on a Wii. I also downloaded the web browser and a Wii Virtual Console game (Legend of Zelda II for NES). I tried it out on VC, it's nice looking and all, but the sound and music sucks compared to the original console. Oh well, I expected that.

I also got my SSB: Brawl Code for online matches. I'll put up my Console code too once I find it.

SSB: Brawl - 4425-1597-9387 (KEATN)

How about you guys? <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>
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> SSB: Brawl - 4425-1597-9387 (KEATN)

I've added you, also:

SSBB Code: 3093-6730-5729
Wii System Code: 2863-1206-7544-1578

I didn't personally have any problems with NES VC titles sounding bad or something... what sounded different?
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It sounded a lot scratchier then an actual NES, and it also lacks the bass the NES had.
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