why spill my guts you you?


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because i got nothing. no big deal right? whine bitch moan. sleep in the bed i made.

OK point of said post: the wife and child have left me to be with her mother.

*EDIT: I was still in quite a bit of shock when typing some of this. My thought about going out of the country was more as a temporary break to reset my mind. But forget about that for now. It's becoming clear to me that I have a child abduction case on my hands. I was too shocked to see it for what it was, especially as her departure letter cut me down to the size of a pea.


gotta get my baby back

http://www.directionless.mynoisebleeds.com/music/Directionless_Pain of Thought.mp3Directionless_Pain of Thought.mp3</a>
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> here's the first demo:
> Directionless_Pain of Thought.mp3

Reminds me of thievery corporation, future sound of london, jean michel jarre...maybe umberloid. I have a real appreciation for that genre of music.
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Sounds like a guy from India playing along with a sample from 9 inch nails. Not bad at all though it's not the type of music I usually listen to. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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> anyway, no sympathies please.

Oh come on dude, having your life blown apart like this, things changing...that's bound to be at least a little scary for anyone, no matter what opportunity it may open (or what they say).

Anyway, at least you're making the best of it and presumably (from what you've said) are learning from it, that's the important part of it all. As for the music, I rather like it. I'd be interested in hearing more. :) It's an interesting sound.
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> Don't fucking run. You have to straighten you're shit up
> and get you're family back.

Hey man, i'm not giving up on my child. I'm paying child support and hoping to work something out where we live close to each other. SO that aspect of my family, i'm not running from.

In the immediate, there isn't a lot i can do but keep my head up and focus on the positives. put myself into my work, both at my social work job and the music stuff.

thanks for everyone's comments and feedback on the tune.
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> Reminds me of thievery corporation, future sound of london,
> jean michel jarre...maybe umberloid. I have a real
> appreciation for that genre of music.

Cool, thanks. I love FSOL as well. If you haven't yet, you should check out what they are up to lately:


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Excellent. Reminds me of Earthbound+Diablo II. Very very interesting to listen to because so much is going on and switching up.

> Demo 2 - Terror on Wall Street:
http://www.directionless.mynois> ebleeds.com/music/Directionless_Terror%20on%20Wallstreet.mp3

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