Why is this forum dead?

What reason did you use to trick people into posting on a dead forum on a site that rarely updates it's news and, when it does so, does it without any personality whatsoever? That's the main reason that nobody posts on the forum, after all.
My facebook/twitter/google+ friends really couldn't give a fuck about in-depth emulation. If they want to use emulation at all, they'll download their emulator and roms from a torrent site. Additional info (the point of these forums) is no longer required most of the time.
I am drunk. Lets talk about that. Oh wait, that is just boring.

The site had major upheavals, along with an owner who did not care and pissed off alot of people. The site fell into the abyss.

I still come back, every now and then - usually when drunk, but i do miss the hay day.
Damn, didn't realize this site was dead, been here tons of times to download emulators but never really looked the forums until today.
Forums are dead, but the site suffered for a long time. It was even offline for awhile if i remember before the new owners took over.

Swamp Dick was horrible to the site.
This discussion is a month old...

Wow, I haven't been here in in a year(You last visited: 09-09-2010). This site has changed a bit--became more of an eyecandie than before.

Came here to check on some emulators for Linux.
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