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See here’s what happens when I get bored and lazy despite having a ton of work to get done and stay up too late.

I was, I don’t know what I was doing, but I was thinking (that always gets me in trouble) and listening to music and a goofball question came to mind. What if you had a chance to meet your favorite band (or singer) or one of your top picks? How would you see it playing out?

You don’t necessarily have to name the band (or bands if you can’t decide between favorites), just what you think would happen or what you’d like to happen (and keep it relatively clean, please).

My top pick would be The Moody Blues, but newer bands like maybe Kamelot, Saint Asonia, The Dear Hunter would be on my list of possibilities. I would say Def Leppard too but something tells me I might be asking for trouble there. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be asking for trouble no matter who I choose. Maybe not The Moody Blues. They’re in their 70s now so that might be a good choice.

By the way I tend to be :werd:.

I’m not good at small talk and would probably freeze or stutter like an idiot so I wouldn’t want a just walk up and start talking event. I would take a page out of my mom’s playbook (or cookbook), what she and my grandmother would do when it came to company or gatherings or the like. No one got away without being feed. I don’t mean cookies or cake (it was that too, but not just that), more like lunch or dinner. Actually, my Polish grandmother would get offended if you didn’t take at least 1 bite and she spoke broken English (Polish was her first language) and didn’t always understand some things in English so she often didn’t understand why somebody would refuse food. She’d say “eat, eat, grow big, grow strong”.

In other words, I’d feed them. I would think they’d be tired of road food and junk food after a while anyway. I’d get permission first of course and I’d include the road crew they traveled with (I don’t see it as fair not to - hopefully there wouldn’t be too many people). If the band wasn’t interested, but the crew was then the band can go order pizza or something and I’d just feed the crew. Either way I’d talk with Stuffed Cabbage, Polish Meatballs in gravy (I don’t know the spelling of the Polish word for them), Kielbasa, Kapusta (cooked Sauerkraut with sauteed onions in bacon drippings), mashed potatoes, Cheesy potato dish, Broccoli Cheese and Rice, 3 layer jello (middle layer is jello mixed with cream cheese) and I think that makes a pretty complete meal. Just missing desert. That would be Cheese Cake and a very rich, delicious Chocolate Bunt Cake. Also, if it’s close to Easter, I’d be able to include Pierogi. I make so many of them (over 100) when I make them and I run out of people to share with. They don’t freeze well, turn to mush when thawed. A clean plate and full belly would be enough conversation for me.

I think I mentioned I was weird. So, maybe I’m a little crazy too, but I’m a good cook.

The concert would have to be in the Detroit area, close enough to transport food safely without it going bad in the summer heat, even spring might be too warm to travel too far.

Yea, I’m crazy (must be) or it’s just been too long since I cooked for a gathering. The last time was Christmas with family 1995 after my mom died. I would have been better off picking people off the street. Never again with family. They really ARE crazy. I guess I must be itching to just cook for a gathering of some kind. NOT family. I don’t talk to most of them anyway, by choice to keep my sanity.

I don’t know, maybe this is a stupid question, thread to start but there it is.
Heh, cool.

I guess if I had that opportunity, I'm not sure which band(s) I'd choose, but I'd probably just go around asking them the true meanings of their lyrics. I'd imagine that would create interesting conversations.

Also, if you think your thread is weird, I submit to you that I just woke up from a dream in which I had to go on a top-secret spy mission to North Korea, for my real-life job (which has nothing to do with spy missions), but it was OK because the log cabin the team of spies met up at was guarded by a dozen Sephiroth clones (in FF7 chibi form), and then on the way back I met the Dallas Cowboys at an airport and got their autographs since they're my wife's favorite football team (I'm not really into football). There were other weird happenings too, but I'm losing the memory fast...Demi Moore was in North Korea for some reason, and got angry at a guy dressed like he was going to a renaissance fair because she thought he shot at her, when in fact it was someone else who had shot at her.

Melatonin really gives me vivid, imaginative dreams.
I've been PM-ing with a member of another forum (finalfantasyforums.net) for the past couple months or so (I'm always slow in responding - I get on YouTube and end up meandering through other songs) and we eventually got on the subject of music when I told him a friend thought the music of The Moody Blues was ugly. He shared some newer stuff that I either wasn't familiar with or had heard some songs and didn't know the name of the band (like Creed and Staind) or would never have listened to past 1 line or even half a line on my own (like Slipknot) and I shared some of the stuff I grew up listening to (like David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars stuff and Badfinger as well as a lot of British stuff most people never heard of). I would have included Three Days Grace but I don't really care for their new stuff and their former lead singer is the lead for Saint Asonia and I like the stuff he writes. There's a ton more bands I like but it didn't make sense to list more then I did. I play music all the time. Can't stand dead silence.
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