What games are you playing lately?


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I was playing a lot of Diablo III since loot 2.0 dropped and RMAH was removed. It was more fun. But Minecraft sucked me back in. Can't get enough of survival-mode building.

On Consoles, Step-son and I been having a go at Mario Kart Wii also.

Before that, wife and I beat Super Mario 3 and moved on to Super Mario World.

On hand-held, I restarted Rune Factory 1. Love the mix of farming and monster hunting.


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Heh. Playing what I'd call a classic on the Wii. Majora's Mask. I have that GC zelda promo disk. Handheld, it's a hack of Pokemon Diamond. Testing stages. A little Tiger Woods, too, once in a while.


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Switched back to a little Diablo 2 because the Ladder reset. Still love this game infinitely more than D3. And if you play it with a glide wrapper its still 800x600 res but fullscreen rearticulated in your desktop res so its not all blurry.

Also had beat this free flash puzzle game Puzzle Legends which a music associate of mine made the soundtrack to. I enjoyed it and since it was heavily inspired by Adventures of Lolo, i fired that up on Nester DC on Sega Dreamcast. I really like it and there's 3 of them to keep me busy when I'm in the casual gamer mood.

Lastly, step-son and I have been bashing into each other on PC version of Flatout 2, playing on LAN. Much preferable to my PS2 version since the res is higher and no split screen multiplayer required. :)

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Now I just finished Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos:Origins.
Both of them for the GameCube, and I'm now working on Tales of Symphonia for the same.


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I have been playing Earthbound and am almost done, and I'm playing Final Fantasy 5 for the 3rd time. I just beat Beyond Good and Evil, Metal Arms a Glitch in the System, and The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. I also started a play through on Metroid 2, Return of Samus.

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Been a while.

Lesse, Quake Champions, Quake 1, LoZ OoT, along with disassembling Chrono Trigger and random other gaming related projects.


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I finished Cuphead over the holidays. Love that phenq game. It's kind of difficult and frustrating at time, but so satisfying when you nail the level. Anyone here played it?
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Splatoon 2. Also Super Mario Odyssey, Super Bomberman R, various SNES games, but mostly Splatoon 2. Seriously, I never got into any other competitive online games before but I fell in love with Splatoon and I've kept going with its sequel. Currently I main the Mini Splatling in Turf War and Splat Zones (where I recently made S rank for the first time), and the Splattershot if I ever play Tower Control. I don't play Rainmaker much because I suck at it and I haven't got around to trying Clam Blitz yet.


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I am playing a little minecraft. Not really playing though. I am kinda making a little challenge for my 9 year old son to play through. I just cannot get into the game otherwise. I did buy a couple of Final Fantasy iterations for PC off this years winter steam sale.

Otherwise, I have been reading translated J light novels. For whatever reason, i got into manga 2 years ago and it dragged me into J novels.


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Freedroid RPG, I like it because it does wear you ought mentally like a lot of games do and I can play it for an hour and feel satisfied I had some fun.

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Mostly whatever game carts/discs I get through thrifts or online purchases to test. Still need to get a Switch as BoTW looks really cool.
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