What are your eccentric properties?

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Rare as it may be and only a few exist here on the plains of Zophar is the appearance of the sought after gaming girlious. See how she is welcomed with glee by Bradious of the Administrative click. Wow he really seems to really like her from the speed of that hump and.... opps well that greeting was cut off prematurely. Sorry Delirium he gets really exited sometimes around new people, here's a tissue and I hope that doesn't stain easily. :lol:
More than you can count: Here's a small list

I like older games more than modern games/consoles

I collect older games.

I hate calling things classic. ie: Just call them racing if they are a racing game.

I hack .spc soundtracks

I collect game boy games for my database.

I'm antisocial.

I don't watch TV (except for House MD)

I believe in mass government conspiracy meant to take the world down in 2012.

I like video game music more than any other genre of music.

I hack games (well that's no eccentricity around here ;))

What else...

I go to GSCentral a lot.

I have a Gaia profile.
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I used to just have a bajillion nes games. My friend has a Jaguar though, and for some reason the I have the power cord. I feel like I just can't get rid of it. haha. Another thing she has is 2 3DO's. I still have one Atari game. I think it's space invaders or something. My friend ran through my house when I was a kid, and tore the AC adapter out, and killed my Atari.
As far as something being weird that I own, I do have a bone necklace, but not a serial killer kind. I just have a house weird stuff, but nothing that would really classify as a collection.
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