What are the specified single letters for SFC files in front of its list number?


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It is about the handling of the audio files in SFC format and the associated RAR packages with ".rsn" as the extension.
Found the definition of this usage here http://snesmusic.org/v2/wiki.php?iRequest=wiki/ViewPage&iPage=Rule with:
- Short 8.3 file naming scheme including project name abbreviation and track numbers as well as additional single letters for SFC, jingle, voice etc. tracks.

Unfortunately, it is not listed which ones should be used for this and what they belong to. Saw in some of the SFC files that "b" is used, but I'm not sure if that means what or just the next letter in the alphabet was used.
Is there somewhere, a listing of which letter belongs to which genre/type?

Name examples about question:
- bsd-01.spc ... bsd-21.spc then bsd-b01.spc ... bsd-b07.spc in RSN
- bsz-01.spc .... bsz-08.spc then bsz-s01.spc ... bsz-s18.spc in another RSN
- ramp-01.spc .... ramp-10.spc then ramp-s01.spc ... ramp-s04.spc, also ramp-v01.spc ... ramp-v03.spc
There becomes used "b", "s" and "v" and not know to which type/genre I should ref them.

The background is the use of these audio files for playback with Kodi and I try to read out as much as possible of the data stored in SFC files using libid666, to process it and also to use the values stored in file names.
Kodi does this via its own add-ons, which use libraries available around the world for processing game sounds (partly also taken from foobar2000).

Here is how the display on Kodi's GUI looks after reading out the available data:
Bildschirmfoto von 2021-09-22 21-03-22-2.png

Another question, do you also use letters with your game sound packages (SFC and maybe others)?

Since http://snesmusic.org doesn’t seem to be really active anymore and I didn’t find a working contact point in the website, I’m creating it here with you :).

The Kodi addons currently available are listed here and how the game sounds can be used in them:
- https://kodi.tv/addons/matrix/category/audio-decoders
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Which games are those from? I have seen some where different versions of the game are combined in to a single rar file, and the tracks from the different versions carry different lettering or numbering.

The archive for Super Aleste/Space Megaforce I have contains one file with "s" added in the name sa-s01.spc, it is an unknown/unused track.

Donkey Kong Country 2 on this site has a bunch of tracks numbered 99, those same tracks in a different archive I have are all numbered with an "s" in their name.

I feel like the "s" could be "supplemental"? As in tracks that were not ripped when the soundtrack was originally ripped, and then someone found/ripped the extra tracks and added them to the archive.

I do not have any with "b" or "v".
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