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Amazing, I was googling to see if a dump for a Wonderswan game had finally been dump and one of the results was Zophar's Domain, but with a nice face lift. I can't express the joy of seeing this site alive again. Emulation as been part of my life for a decade now, in fact, this summer marks the 10th year anniversary (1998) of me being introduced to this wonderful concept of playing old school games on my PC.

I don't recall how my old user name from back then (I think it was SuperSonic something), but I do recall some of the old flame wars regarding the impact that emulation would have on the video game market.

Ironically, even with all the major systems from the past emulated and 99.9% of the old school game library is available on multiple websites, the video game market is stronger that it has ever been. Even funnier, the video game market has even copied the emulation scene, allowing people to download old school games on their new consoles.

Things sure have changed in the ways I use emulation now. I went from playing on Pentium 100MHz plugged on a 15" monitor, sitting at my computer desk with Sidewinder controllers to having a living room media PC (micro ATX with AMD Dual Core) on an 32" LCD TV using Wiimotes and Classic Controllers via bluetooth.

Don't think I'll be posting much since emulation has been pretty much stable to me for years now, but it's nice to know that this place is coming back to life just in case I need a trip down memory lane.


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That's cool to hear, but some of us like to not only play but alter classic games. So lurking around places like these bouncing around hacking ideas is good.


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Well, this was surely an interesting suprise in my inbox this morning. Haven't even visited the forums here in a few months, so had no idea this was happening (if it was even posted here). Nice to see someone followed through on reviving the site. :)


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I feel the same way. Back in 1997 or 1998, this site and Archaic Ruins are where I really started getting into emulation. After emunews died, this was my favorite place to get up to dateand find everything I needed. I'm so happy that it's back.


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What happened to SG then?

I'm happy the site is up and running again, I'm just curious about the history (as always). like, I don't really see much of what happened in the forums. but, meh. i guess it doesn't matter, now that it's back.

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Sold? Like for money? And he never used emulators, right? Why didn't he sell the site years ago?

Honestly, I think it's because he just wanted to collect the ad revenue from the site. I'm pretty sure some of the older staff could fill us in better than I could.


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From what I can get from my fuzzy memory (with more than a little help from the Internet Archive), SwampGas joined the site in 1998 to take care of various backend coding things with the site. I don't recall him ever showing an interest in emulators, but he was the most senior member still around when Zophar left and the one most able to manage the site.

It wasn't really the greatest idea in the first place to leave someone who wasn't particularly interested in emulation in charge of an emulator news site, though it still took a good few years for the site to go into terminal decline. SwampGas took over at some point in late 2000 (unable to pinpoint exactly where, and that was before I arrived here) but the site was still pretty regularly updated right through 2004. It wasn't until 2005 the the site really started to fall apart.

I'm not really that interested myself in the backroom stuff that led to Edman owning ZD. He seems enthusiastic and involved for now though, which is what the site needs. Only time will tell if things keep going in this promising vein though.
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