Warehouse No.18 English Translation


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Our own Gil-Galad has provided the emulation scene with a new translation, this time for a russian "pirate" game called Warehouse no.18.

Here's what he said:
Gil-Galad said:
Today, I present you with the 100% complete Russian to English translation of the game Warehouse No.18, which has been re-titled to Storehouse No.18. Originally designed for play on the Dendy, a unlicensed Russian Famicom clone console system.

As far as the game is concerned, Storehouse No.18 is a Sokoban clone. For those that are familiar with Sokoban, know that the objective of the game is to push boxes around in a maze to their designated storage spaces. There are two modes to this game, Game mode and Editor mode. In game mode, you simply play the game and select the storehouse that you wish to play according to ID number. In Editor mode, you can design your own storehouses and then play them afterwards.

To my knowledge, this is the first Russian to English ROMhack fan translation. All text has been translated to English, windows resized in some cases to accommodate longer or shorter lines of text. ASM hacking has been done to remove the hack protection scheme that prevents the altering of certain bytes in the ROM, the effect is that the game will stall in reset mode if the check fails. The annoying grey screen before the title screen loads has been reduced to one frame so that you barely notice it exists.

You can get the patch at my site, Here

Note, that you can also get it at our Translation section here at ZD.

Thanks to Gil-Galad for letting us know and for the translation as well.
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