VGMPlay / in_vgm v0.40.5


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VGMPlay, a player for VGM files, and its associated Wimamp/XMPlay plugin were updated to version 0.40.5 on April 13th. Here's a list of changes since version 0.40:
  • replaced some larger swich statements with function pointers (small speed up)
  • fixed Stereo flag in SN76496 OPL mapper
  • optimized playback routine (huge speed up, >20% for single-chip VGMs)
  • writing to a second chip if only the first one is defined doesn't cause crashes anymore
  • shortened the Chip Reset, Chip Mute and Chip Panning routines
  • added OKIM6295, OKIM6258 and UPD7759 to DAC Stream Control
  • slight improvements on OPL Hardware Playback
  • added multiple paths for VGMPlay.ini and OPL4 ROM
  • cleaned the code a bit
  • (standalone player only) now frees its memory properly when quitting
You can grab these at our VGMPlay download page.

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