USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST (a.k.a. my €0.02 that noone asked for)

I agree with everything you said here, great work. Also, it's a mod's job to listen to the complains after all.

I agree with this too. I want people to ask me questions, or give suggestions. I think that a moderator should listen to people too. The way I decided a long time ago to moderate (back when I modded the old boards) was to try to keep an even hand, and to give people more than one chance. Most newbies aren't disobeying the rules on purpose. Some are, of course, but they'll get dealt with quick when they keep on doing what got them in trouble in the first place.

I won't say I've never screwed up, and jumped the gun on that stuff, but generally, that's what I try to do.
I thought this was obvious?

How can you moderate without listening?

Also, I agree with this. Judge me everyone! Does it seem like I'm trying to ignore someone?? Sorry about that. Cheese for everyone! If you believe in God hold the blue cheese.

No I'm not that bad.
Anything that obvious doesn't need clarification.

If that was what this thread was about I'd stop spamming with efforts for something that can actually be discussed. If you guys are thinking moderators should listen you'll insult a few people. :D

I overestimated all of you. :D :D
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