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I'm trying to upload an 2sf archive I ripped myself, fully named and everything, but every time I try, the connection resets and the upload fails. I'm honestly expecting a few responses along the lines of "GET BETTER INTERNET" but if there is something else, possibly an actual suggestion, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, the file is only 5.23 MB. I'm pretty sure that's not too big.
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Hmm...I don't think it should happen with a file of that size. I know when I was a full staffer, for a long time we had a problem with particularly large files, but that one should be alright.

If you can zip it, try sticking it to a forum post...I'm sure one of the staffers could try to reupload it.

Apparently no one else thought to rip the music right from the ROM instead of .sdat, which is encrypted. ^_^ This might be the only place to get this now!
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