Uncontrollable bonding activities

Shan Strom

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I and my son play all sorts of games on Xbox as our bonding time. He usually doesn't play Xbox without me. But I noticed two to three weeks ago, he started playing Xbox more than usual. He doesn't even ask me if I want to play with him. I'm not sure what has changed. All I can say is that I'm worried that he's getting too addicted to playing. Sometimes, he even sneaks out on me just to play. Should I be alarmed?
In my opinion, you should be alarmed. Anything that is too much is bad. How old is he, btw? He should not be spending most of his time with one activity only since I assume he is still a kid. Normal kids would normally be active with different stuff. You gotta do something about this.
He is only 9 years old. I'm not sure if I should just learn how to stop being paranoid or I should take action. I don't want my son to push me away and damage our relationship. I'll ask for help from his guidance counselor at school. I might be able to figure out what's wrong with doing so.
Really, alarmed? Nah, you should not be. This may be an older thread, but he may have just found a game he likes. Start to worry if you cannot get him off for bed time or he starts doing it at the expense of all other activities. Otherwise, he is just being a kid. Don't focus on gaming. Look at the other aspects of his life? Has is personality changed (beyond gaming a little more?). Is he doing his homework? Is he spending time with friends? etc.
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