u got it bad


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this is getting bad...i was getting a presentation together when a song came on the radio..u got it bad from usher...totally lost concentration.

the whole god damn song applies to me and my situation.

i was out earlier tonight and i even called her my wife...didn't realize it until after the conversation.

here it is...8am...and i have absolutely no intention on sleeping. i sat here and thought about it for a sec...it's because in the back of my mind, i have this huge desire to talk to her..and i'm waiting for the phone to ring. realized it when i saw the phone sitting infront of me...directly infront of me...so that if it rang, i'd see it, hear it and feel it (it vibrates too).

man, i am totally head over heels in love with this girl...but if i back down now, she'll just do the same shit again.

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I've determined that there IS more than one 'special person' for everyone out there.

You can fall in love with anyone. ANYONE. So, if it didn't work out this time, it just might the next.

The only possible problem is that you tend to attract girls like that (whatever that may be). In that case, you just have to be very careful of whom you meet.

Good luck.

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Try listening to some Metal..
thats what i do when things get too much for me,

then again it causes agression and...

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> >
> > Seriously, though, not many people might agree with me,
> but
> > I think it's entirely possible for a girl to be too
> slutty.
> > The real hotties out there are usually the ones who aren't
> > known for being "easy".
> >
> that's why i totally dig this woman:
> claire forlani...que bella
God she's gorgeous!

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