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Ok I'll preface this link with some words of my own experience. Fasting worked for me. I fasted intermittently all last summer during the day and pigged out at dinner and lost 40 lbs of just fat, I stopped eating for 4 days when I was constipated one time, no doctor and I burned through 20lbs of fat for the next week not dieting, I believe I raised the good bacteria and other enzymes and stuff in my digestive tract and it burned the fat better and I got scared and started eating the 5th day. I was told not eating for to long would kill you when growing up, it was a lie, I felt great and no hunger at all though I had not seen this video then it is not lying or embellishing anything or selling, you just drink water and for longer fasts like a week then salt water lightly or heart can stop beating "sodium as in salt is totally needed and worth its weight in gold a century ago, seriously". If you're a guy or girl and want to lose weight fast and without a strict diet that you're constantly hungry then this is the way after 24 hrs no urges at all and you might think you need to eat but I've watched people on vids that worked out, worked, and slept 4 hrs with a ton of energy while fasting, it's all true and diets are a huge lie that will have you die from a coronary attack and suffer trying to lose weight in an impossible manner of calorie restriction.
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