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Damnit Shawn, get your ass online and make me laugh!!

Been online and here several times a day. I just rarely post since Brad gets mad when I post to much and I don't usually post just one or 5 things more like 10 plus, so unless it's something really special it won't get posted anymore. Sorry just don't need the hassle. :)
Well fuck. The whole point of this thread is to have ridiculous amounts of funny things to look at / read. I for one want to see suicide bunnies, funny pictures, comics, funny stories, jokes and those pictures in the black box with the white text under it (whatever those are called).
the only time I get angry at shawn is when he makes multiple posts instead of consolidating all of his funny images and what have you into one post. It gets REALLY old having to merge his posts time and time again.
This one is for Max, it almost made me pee a little.

This one is for Max, it almost made me pee a little.


Hah, it's that face he's making. Also reminds me of New Super Mario Bros Wii. I once saw it described as being the 'divorce game', probably since it's sometimes very easy (and fun) to do bastardish things to other players or accidentally get in their way at the wrong time. :bigthumbup: At least for me and the person I was playing with, hilarity ensued (for the most part).
Hahaha I remember seeing that one somewhere. Still so funny :p Thanks Burzy.

Yeah, I was playing New SMB Wii with three other people while drinking a little. Hilarity also ensued.
i don't get why it's funny :'(

well... it's a chuckle's worth but, some of the comments "i laughed the entire way through"

maybe its a reference to a FF game that was put out after i abandoned the series (anything after 9- 9 was too easy, i found it a little disappointing. im sorry, but it's my opinion , and im not looking for agreement :) )
good, you're still here max. I saw you mention you love The Kids In The Hall in a different thread (best sketch comedy ever, in my opinion of course).

I just had to post this : *i know someone was able to embed here. If it's allowed and if anyone knows how to , please let me know, I'd rather you not have to go to a diff tab or whatever to see this. I'll just post the link for now.

and one more, this is likely my all time fave... if not, it would be "Evan the shoe salesman"
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Speaking of iPad, I have nothing against Apple really but boy I'm getting tired of iNames. It's enough to iDrive me into iDrinking. :p
ihaha. Alright I have to do some iHomework, anyone have an iCalc?

But seriously, it reminds me of SUPER games on snes, or the 64 games on 64.
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