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Because of abuse of the tag system (and the fact that 99% of the users here don't use them anyway) tags have been disabled.
Was this because of those "reaper man sucks dicks" and "Not very well" tags? I hate trolls.
Was this because of those "reaper man sucks dicks" and "Not very well" tags? I hate trolls.

I missed those.

You know you've made it when someone uses tags to insult or demean your ZD screen persona.

Congrats, Reaper man.
Yep. Someone was angry that he was banned. :p

He made the tags due to anger over being banned? But he got banned for making the tags? Something doesn't compute.

Incidentally, InVerse has been banned from this forum 17 times now over the course of 11 years. (And has been a moderator 4 times, for what that's worth.)
Oh yes, I know about all that. Anyway, to clarify a bit, it's both. He abused the tags, we warned him, he kept on with it...so he got banned. Then he tried to ban evade, abusing the tags yet again in anger over being banned (apparently?).

Since they're rarely used for anything here anyway, I figured it was best just to disable them so they can't be abused again in the future.
No, I think it was because he was really bored and the way the tag system worked was really stupid. Seriously, what was the point of the tags appearing in an image? And he got banned on purpose, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't out of anger.
Eh, it doesn't really matter anyway, what the actual purpose/goal/whatever was. And yes, honestly, the tag system here is pretty weird. Could be why it was never used very much.
It's not like anyone searched for stuff using it anyway.

Well, no shit. People didn't search for anything via tags because people didn't tag things to begin with. People didn't tag things to begin with because the tagging system was retarded and using tags actually inhibited navigation rather than complimenting it. Not that a majority of people that post here actually understand the benefits of a proper tagging system. Oh well, with the new worm that's wiping out vBulletin, it's probably only a matter of time before this place has to be re-installed anyway.
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