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Are there any fans of Scribblenauts? What do you think of the sequel, Super Scribblenauts? I´m already in World 7 and personally, it´s a lot of fun.
BUT: I don´t understand Nintendos "check the quality of your own products department" regarding to this game. I assume, the english version plays just fine. I play Super Scribblenauts in German and here comes the pain sometimes (not as often as in the prequel, but it´s very annoying). By now, I think they just put their dictionary of possible words right into Google´s translator, as there are words you would never use in Germany. I also read about other translations with the same issues.
For example: there´s a level, where you have to transform a guy into a dragon respectively give him the abbilities a dragon has. In English, you have to give him a "firebreathing green winged potion" - I couldn´t figure out which words to use in my language. It ended up with summoning a potion, flying around with green wings and breathing fire. :) So far, this puzzle wasn´t solveable for me in German. There were a few others, but thanks God - you can switch to English if you´re stuck.
Nintendo should had taken a better look on Super Scribblenauts before releasing it in non-English countries in my oppinion, like they did with the Layton series - by far the best translation on the DS ever.
I pre ordered super scribblenaughts and me and the wife are loving it. It's just as addicting as the original if not more. Updated level creation tools, so many new ways to solve puzzles and improved controls, yay for being able to use d-pad to move now :D
Yeah, that´s right. Being able to use the D-Pad to control Maxwell is a great addition. Nonetheless, I discovered not so much Levels yet where you have to move him a lot. I guess your native language is English!? So you´re fine and far away from translation related issues.
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