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How would I go about submitting a ZIP folder that has an emulator, along with all of the optional plug-ins?

You can record movies in ZSNES, but you have to download several codecs and plug-ins in order to dump the recorded movies to disk. Finding all of the stuff was a major pain in the ass, so I figured "Why not submit all of this stuff, to make it easier to find?"

I want to include ZSNES as well, but I'm wary of submitting things that I didn't create. Can someone help me out?


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Whether or not such a submission is deemed necessary may be up to better staff members than myself, but for the time being I would recommend uploading your ZIP file to a webspace of your choosing, making a topic on the Submit Emulation News board, and providing a link to the ZIP file there. Be very descriptive in your post on that board as to what else besides the ZSNES executable is included.

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New member about putting the package (minus Zsnes) somewhere, perhaps uploading it as an attatchment on the boards here, and we can put it up as a seperate archive in the Zsnes section? It's for Windows, I'm assuming? I don't really see the harm in that.


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Here it is. In order to stay under the file size limit, I had to use the '.7z' format for compression. You'll need 7-Zip, in order to open it.
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